Reason and Purpose of our Association

From Sugartree to Type 1 Diabetes Society...

Our role as a patient group since the days of the 'Sugar Tree' community.

Policy-Related Activities : Promotion of the Infants and Toddlers Act, School Health Act, etc.

Cultural and Public Relations Activities : Promotion of the 3rd performance of the Musical 'A Very Special Gift', appearances in media and campaigns to improve awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.

Educational Activities : Providing new blood sugar management information, sharing our knowledge and experience

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However, the words we heard from the other end of the phone were always the same. "Yes, hello? Where are you?"

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As a community, there was a limit as to how many official documents we could send and how much influence we were having on public organisations.

Despite many activities and the positive response we were getting, we still felt that there was a big barrier before us.

The prosecution's complaint kickstarted the formation of our association.

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The most important thing for people with Type 1 Diabetes is to manage their blood sugar well and to live a healthy life without complications.

At the time however, there was a lack of legal review in providing medical devices to many people.

On March 2, 2017 a case was filed against the prosecution to allow people with Type 1 Diabetes to import medical equipment directly.

Throughout the litigation process, the members of the society, who were previously scattered across the country, gathered together and took the opportunity to establish the association.

Purpose of the Association

We are a group of people with Type 1 Diabetes, our family members and people wo help us by volunteering and with donations. As a group of patients, we share new technology and medical information for blood sugar management, how to use the devices and how to manage blood sugar levels effectively. We aim to promote good blood sugar management and to protect and promote the rights of patients as medical consumers. In particular, we call out discrimination and disadvantages people with Type 1 Diabetes face and take the lead in improving awareness.

Type 1 Diabetes in the community....

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2015. 10. 27. 슈거트리 커뮤니티 개설

1형당뇨 환우들의 올바른 혈당 관리 정보 공유 및 신기술 소식 공유 등 커뮤니티

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2016. 10. 07. Nightscout Korea 창립

1형당뇨인 본인 혹은 그 가족들이 자체개발한 기술과 경험들을 오픈소스로 공유하는 커뮤니티

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2017. 07. 22. 한국1형당뇨병환우회 창립

1형 당뇨 성인, 1형 당뇨 아동, 보호자, 사회, 정부와 협력하는 단체

커뮤니티로 활동 시

혈당관리, 병원 정보, 좋은 식단 내용 등 정보 공유

가까운 지역단위로 마음 맞는 가족끼리 삼삼오오 모이는 친목 모임

1형당뇨병환자들의 나은 삶을 위해 정책결정자들에게 환자 목소리 전달

환우회로 활동하면서

정보 공유 -> 정보 교육으로 강화

친목 모임 -> 인증 받은 단체로 활동 공공화

환자 목소리 전달 -> 1형당뇨 관련 정책 결정 과정에 참여